Thinking Pinoy's "Everything Wrong About Mayor Espinosa's Death " and the "Alunan Doctrine"

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          For those who want to understand Mayor Espinosa's death in a jail cell, here's Thinking Pinoy's (TP) timeline analysis leading to Espinosa's death.

          I personally believe Thinking Pinoy is currently one of our best writers with a complete command of common sense, logic, wit, and academic and street smarts  on topics ranging from technical, politico-economic and legal affairs -- both in local and international levels.  I cannot imagine how ordinary people like me can have a grasp of what TP knows and be able to write in both intellectual and street level smarts.

          Notice how TP's timeline is backed by links from media reports.  He also rightly calls PNP Chief Bato's attention for deciding to take a vacation to watch Manny Pacquaio's fight.  There's nothing wrong with taking a well-deserved vacation but the President is at war and this is not the time to take a break.  The deaths of Mayor Espinosa and Baligbis were staged when the PNP Chief was halfway across the world -- the best opportunity for men in uniform to exterminate crucial witnesses.  I think a lot of us like PNP Chief Bato.  Even those against Duterte may even like him.  He lends a popular and credible face to the PNP.  I just hope he doesn't lose himself in the process.  The job seems insurmountable and we only have this 6-year window of opportunity.

          You may also want to read this post by former DILG Secretary Rafael Alunan III on what President Duterte calls the "Alunan Doctrine".  He is someone whom we failed to help secure a Senate seat but whom a lot of us hope would be given a cabinet post after the 1 year prohibition on appointments.  The campaign against drugs is a first step in reforming our Justice system and the rampant misuse of firearms in the country:

          This is no time for hasty "Yellow" vs. "Duterte" statements.  If you are following the news because you love this country and not simply to get entertained or feel the rush of winning some argument, or finding the satisfaction of affirming whether or not you made the "right" choice during the past elections, then please share your thoughts as you wish.  Our country needs it.  We are at an age where ordinary citizens can finally take a stand and be heard, regardless of political persuasion.

          Whether or not you believe in President Duterte and whether or not you believe there are extrajudicial killings in this country, I am sure you agree that we have, for so long, been ruled by people using uniforms, titles, and electoral mechanisms to steal from the people and destroy lives.

          Let us read and understand, and not simply post hasty comments.  I hope articles like these can help formulate informed decisions in matters of speech, action and prayers.

CNN report:  Witness:  No shootout, Albuera Mayor Espinosa Murdered

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