Justice for Dr. Drey

          He is nothing short of a hero, choosing to serve poor Filipinos in remote barangays after obtaining a Biology degree from UP Los Baños and a Medical degree from Western Visayas State University.

          “'It was so painful. He chose to serve the poor and this tragedy befell him,' his father, Batan Councilor Dennis Perlas, told the Inquirer by phone".

          The present Administration wants to send more doctors to our barrios.  It will need to secure these doctors.  We could only guess the motive and perpetrators of the murder.  The government can only do so much so I hope we, the beneficiaries of this much needed profession, can somehow help honor and protect these heroes.  Somehow... 

Read more: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/877046/gunmen-kill-peoples-doctor#ixzz4aCDtQ3HA
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