Mayon Volcano 2018 Eruption at Night

Mayon Volcano eruption from Manito, Albay. Digital stylus on 8" tablet. February 2018.

          It's the 23rd of February 2018 already and Mayon volcano continues to spew molten material from its crater.  I still haven't had the chance to shoot a long exposure of the volcano at night even though we have an excellent view from the beach just a short walk from our house.

          It still rains a lot here in Manito, Albay so I don't get to see the volcano a lot.  Last night, before closing our computer shop, I walked to the community college grounds to see if the peak was visible.  There she was, majestic, with her crown glowing red.

          How could a mountain evoke both fear and awe?  The question doesn't beg for an answer but I I do think of God whose majesty similarly evokes both fear and awe.

         I didn't bother grabbing the camera and walking to the beach fearing that the clouds would be covering her by the time I crossed the beautiful hanging bridge to barangay Cawit.

         So here's the best I could do for now, re-work a digital painting by adding a layer of glowing lava and darker tones.

          Friends, who among you want to camp with me by the beach across the Albay gulf and capture long exposures of Mayon at night?  :-)

Mayon volcano across the Albay Gulf from Cawit, Manito, Albay.  Photo taken 2 years ago with my wife and the young people from church.

Long exposure of Mayon volcano's 2009 eruption.  Shot this at night time from the Daraga church.

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