The colors of Summer: Nasipit Falls

Nasipit falls.  Digital stylus on an 8 inch tablet.

          Recording one of the colors of summer.  Here's a quick color study I made last month (April 2018) when we explored the Nasipit falls, one of the not so well known attractions in our town.  We went with the volunteer writers of our community newspaper, Manito's Time!  Most of us haven't been there before so it was an opportunity of fun and exploration for a feature story.

          I love the dark colors cast by the canopy of trees above the falls.  Water and shade  saturates the place with the deepest and lively range of yellows and greens.  Done with a digital pen on an 8 inch tablet.

With some of the Manito's Time crew.  It was the first time for most of us to see this beautiful hidden part of town.

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