Meeting with Our Computer Shop Assistants

Vanished without a trace.  All smiles (at least for the four of them)  after eating Alwin and Theresa's champorado with tuyo.

          Nerissa feels somewhat  better now, three weeks after her doctor officially declared a Lupus flare-up.  She still feels weak, shortness of breath, headache, pain in her arms and on her back but can already perform some tasks by herself.

          Since today was a holiday, Nerissa spent time meeting with our computer shop assistants over champorado and tuyo.   Aside from their invaluable work at the shop, Theresa and Alwin are busy preparing for the LET exam, Marlon and Mai just had their midterm exams in our community college, and Axl (who studies in Legazpi) commutes so he can serve his duty during weekends.  They have kept our computer shop running with minimal supervision from Nerissa.  They also afford me more time for schoolwork as I am only needed at the shop to troubleshoot network and computer concerns.

             At this pace Nerissa may be declared on remission again in a few weeks or a couple of months.

          Patients with chronic illnesses can recover faster when they have friends and family like all of you.  I'm sorry for not being able to respond to all your comments and queries on Facebook.  We most sincerely thank God for these five assistants and for all of you, our friends, who have prayed and have wished Nerissa well!


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