They'll know we are Christians by our...


This is a good reminder for all of us.

Let us always remember that God did not require us to be of a single political belief.

My own college teacher in Political Philosophy mentioned that "Jesus himself did not preach democracy as the correct (or best) politico-economic system" when we were discussing the great treatises like Plato's "The Republic", Machiavelli's "The Prince" and Marx's "The Communist Manifesto". He was right. I do, however, live by the practical rule that democracy allows the best environment where Christian ideals could thrive because Christianity is based on the voluntary surrender of one's will to one's one true Sovereign.

Unity does not mean conformity with each other's political mold. In his Sovereign wisdom, God allowed us to think, weigh and act according to our convictions. Our different points of view should add to our understanding, not divide our ranks. If we are not careful, it will do just that.

In our frustration at all the injustice around us, let us not give in to hate towards those who are acting according to their own convictions.

Let us always give room to the thought that maybe, just maybe, we are wrong. And hope that maybe, just maybe, they will also listen to our argument once they're in the quiet of their rooms.

In so doing, we give life to the phrase "they shall know us by our love..."

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