No Words, No Music

There are no words, no narration, no music in this video. Before I courted my wife, I learned two things about her and her super close friend Colyn through her Friendster account (yes, pre-Facebook days). They described themselves as "rice monsters" and they both loved the sound of dry leaves under their feet. I found it fascinating. I realized I loved the sound too but haven't really given it thought until I read Nerissa's post. This is 10 minutes of mostly me walking on dry coconut leaves and cutting them up while clearing the area after 3 typhoons months ago. Another sound I find so pleasing is that of the bolo's blade swishing through palm fronds. I almost feel like a Samurai artfully gripping my katana; conscious that a careless swing may cost me a limb. These kinds of sounds and chores help me think, relax, and meditate. I'm weird this way. If you also think you're weird or others say you are, think about what they say but in the end only you get to decide what gives you peace and joy. Pardon the Blair Witch Project ending. It's unintended. Nothing here is horrifying but I can't promise you won't find this horribly boring.

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