3 Concerns on a BBM Presidency and Thoughts on Other Top Candidates

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There are 3 things that concern me about a BBM victory:

1. The cases and claims against their family might finally be settled in their favor because of the power and influence of a sitting president, as Mayor Isko here points out.
2. One of the main problems of the Philippines is corruption at all levels. Don't you find it strange, at the very least, that BBM never speaks about/against corruption? Wrong/evil practices often succeed when people with bad intentions decide to act in unity to commit a crime, or when those in power turn a blind eye against such practices.
3. Politicians allied with him do not have positive reputations on corruption. See who they are.
Even Pres. Duterte supporters should be concerned that all his accomplishments in the past 6 years will be useless. And it is ironic that he (unintentionally) brought this about and his own daughter has solidified it. I don't think he himself is happy how things might turn out. A lot of the BBM supporters from the Duterte camp may be pro BBM only because they want a president who will not prosecute/persecute Duterte once he leaves office.
Assuming that those who support Duterte wanted genuine political change and that political victories can be achieved through the support of ordinary citizens (Duterte effect), then it should worry them that a BBM victory marks a return to traditional politics.
On the other hand, in the same way that I wasn't a fan of the Liberal Party in 2016, I think the VP Leni camp might fall into the same trap. Local government leaders may be latching on to Leni even though they do not share the same principles of transparency, malasakit, and leadership on the ground. Nakikikakam-pink kahit na hindi naman kilala bilang tapat, masipag, transparent, at may malasakit at nakikita ng mga nasasakupan.
Leni's perceived (whether true or not) softness to the left is also seen as a sign that counter-insurgency and anti-drug campaign may weaken. I guess this is perceived more by those who are military oriented.
Maybe other viable candidates who do not belong to the two top opposing poles are worth considering as well. I honestly don't mind a Lacson or Isko victory, though far they are in the surveys. Ping, afterall, has been most consistent on his stance against corruption, having consistently opposed the pork barrel. Patronage politics as exemplified by the pork barrel and vote buying, along with corruption, are the top problems of our political system. We need Statesmen/women who will consciously work to save us from this bondage.
If Isko doesn't win, I hope the gains in Manila won't slide backward and that a sincere president would appoint him as DILG secretary. He seems like a promising executive.
Sorry for the long post. Now I need to get back to the garden...

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