TraPo Noise in the Time of Pandemic

A sad truth in the Philippines. The nuisance caused by campaign jingles on wheels are aimed purely at NAME RECALL. And traditional politicians know how to take advantage. 

 They know people only need to remember their names during the elections. In this time of pandemic, you wake up to the sound of blaring speakers while students with ongoing online classes and teaching demos can only either laugh or cringe in frustration. This is another area where our electorate needs to mature.

 TRUE public servants will be remembered in the voting room because of their competence, actual accomplishments, integrity, transparency, and compassion; and not through meaningless repetitive name noise. 

 Ako ay umaasang nakikita na ito ng mga kabataan at hinihintay na lang nilang maubos ang mga matatandang politiko upang mabago ang sistema.

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