Recounting the Past School Year's Scholarship Milestones (AY 2021-2022)

One of our senior high school graduates who has recently enrolled at our community college to continue her studies.


As the new school year begins, allow us to share with you what the Lord has accomplished in the lives of our students through the GAiN-Tiwala Kids and Communities Scholarship Program in the recently concluded school year.

1.  Scholars attended bimonthly huddles that taught them values and life skills and tutorial/ enrichment classes to aid them in their modular learning. The tutorial and enrichment classes were facilitated by our volunteers from Manito’s Time.

2.  Parents of the scholars attended monthly meetings that taught them parenting lessons.

3.  Scholars received school supplies at the beginning of the school year and were replenished upon request throughout the year.

4.  Scholars received educational cash assistance in the form of reimbursement for their transportation, mobile data load and project expenses.

5.  Scholars received gifts and incentives during their birthdays and when they received academic distinction.

6.  Scholars were treated to a field trip in Albay Parks and Wild Life, SM City and shopping for shoes at Yashano in Legazpi City.

7.  Scholars received food packs five times throughout the school year.

8.  Two (2) of the scholars who are members of the MNHS Brass Band were supported in their expenses like training fee, transportation, meal allowance and clothes for their recital.

9.  Three (3) scholars received mobile phones to aid in their modular learning.

10.  One (1) scholar’s animal bite vaccination was covered through medical insurance.

11.  School fees were paid upon their request.

12.  Four (4) of our scholars finished the school year with honors.  Two (2) of them achieved this milestone for the first time. Two (2) of them graduated from Senior High School.


Our two graduates from Senior High

In all these we thank God for His provision for these students and their families.  We also thank Him for the joy of seeing them grow both in knowledge and character.


We also thank our Manito’s Time volunteers who served as their tutors, ates and kuyas.

Our Manito's Time volunteer tutor and Manito Arts Guild vice president, Chrissanta D. Bayna, using her artistic skills in teaching Math.

Manito's Time student volunteer tutor, Alma Abonita, facilitating a learning activity.

Our scholarship tutorial coordinator, Marlon Balictar,  conducting a Math enhancement class in one of our bimonthly scholars' huddle/tutorial.

Thank you, friends, for supporting the scholarship program!

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