Livelihood Training for PWDs

 Today, Nerissa and the PWD officers of our barangay conducted a livelihood training on liquid soap and fabric conditioner production to help differently-abled persons earn more for themselves.

Thank you, Engr. Maria Teresa Marbella Mina and your team from the Bicol University Department of Chemical Engineering for sharing your practical expertise.
I am glad to see that Nerissa, as our barangay's PWD president and her team of officers continue to work hard to make sure that PWDs can avail of all the benefits that are due them.

Salute also to our Barangay Captain William Daen for truly empowering our PWDs and senior citizens organizations. The two organizations are by law, supposed to share an allotment of 1% from barangay funds but Kap. William went beyond the minimum by allotting 1% to each of the two organizations and allowing them to make their own plans and budgeting. No less than Albay Vice Governor Edcel Grex Lagman recently reminded all barangays in Albay to implement this in their own jurisdictions.

Out of all the 15 barangays of Manito, only barangay It-Ba has implemented this fund allotment. I know Nerissa (who is also the new municipal federation president of the PWD organization) will push for the same benefits for all barangays in Manito so that PWDs will be able to maximize government benefits while making them productive citizens at the same time.

This is Nerissa's second initiative (with the full support of the Albay Provincial Persons With Disability Affairs Office, PDAO), the first being the allotment of a portion of the funds for medical reimbursement for the barangay's PWDs. Small as the funds may be at the moment, it is nevertheless a good start in making sure that public funds are spent for its intended purpose and for its intended beneficiaries.

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