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Glorilyn, Gemalyn, and Bryan from not so recent file photos

         As part of our regular huddle, Nerissa asked our GAiN-Tiwala scholars if they had any concerns in school.   A common problem raised was the difficulty of understanding their lessons and answering exams because of teachers' absences.  When teachers did come to class, they didn’t actually teach.  Maybe the teachers have reasons.  Admin tasks, perhaps? Indolence of the Filipino? I don't know.  

           The scholars did mention, however, that there were subjects where they fared better because of two teachers who attended classes regularly and who actually taught/lectured.  To our pleasant surprise, the names they mentioned were the first two members who joined Manito’s Time as college students -- Ma'am Glorilyn Reodique and Ma'am Gemalyn R. Dawal.  I have already said this before, and I say it again, Glorilyn and Gemalyn are the glory and gem of Manito’s Time. I continue to feel privileged to know them.

           About the same time we received this feedback from our scholars, another pioneering member of Manito’s Time visited us, Gilbert Bryan Dioneda.  Whenever he visits, he spends most of the time talking about his baby girl.  One of the greatest contribution a man can render to society is his male presence, protection, and care for his wife and kids.   He also talked about his job and I was all smiles because I saw that he’s able to use his personality to perform his duties as a government worker, as he understands how to deal with people, especially those who want to abuse or play with the system.  

 In college, Bryan didn’t have the same really, really high grades that Glo and Gemalyn obtained, but grades are not the only reflection of one’s intellect.  He was obviously intelligent and insightful and he had a way with people.  He admitted that he didn’t like to write but he loved analyzing facts -- traits that I put to good use by making him copyreader of Manito’s Time.  He saw some details I missed or questioned some inputs from writers as we worked deep into the night.  He will do really well in a profession where fact-checking is desired and dealing with people is required.

 We build a better nation when our youth are cared for and taught at home and when they are educated well in school.  Seeing our young friends doing their part makes us really happy and hopeful for a better country and a better world.  

 None of us are perfect.  We will not be able to perfectly do what we are supposed to do.  But there is no failure in trying.

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