My "Dear Noynoy" Gets Published

          "Nasa inquirer ang pangalan mo" read a text message sent by my friend Cesar Marquez last Saturday morning.  Why would my name be in a national daily?  He said it's about a message to president-elect Noynoy Aquino that was quoted from Facebook so I remembered it must be an article about the Rock Ed Facebook page.  Another friend, Ate Coco, posted the link to that "Dear Noynoy" page telling everyone that we don't have a right to complain against Noynoy in the future if we don't take the effort to send our thoughts  to the president-elect. So I posted a short comment, the comment was chosen among many, and that's how my name got into a national daily.
          The wife suggested I take a snap shot before the paper fades so here it is. :-)
          The elections did not turn out the way I hoped it would but the people have spoken and we must move on. Thank you, Rock Ed, for helping create constructive avenues for citizens to get involved in national life.


  1. Im not a Noynoy fan too but yeah, I guess we all have to aSSIST him now...he is now our president and it takes a concerted effort of all citizens to build a country---he needs our help ....


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