Can Election PCOS Machines Be Hacked?

          Saw this  video posted in Facebook by a former college professor, Sir Arturo Boquiren.
          I always assumed that the election PCOS machine codes were embedded into the machines, NOT stored in CF cards. So when i watched the news about the recall of PCOS machine compact flash cards a few days before the elections I realized the grave danger of anyone simply swapping in a hacked CF card.  A hacked CF card, theoretically, could not only alter results in a single machine but could also send new codes to other PCOS machines via the wireless network.  
          Something  has to be done in order to prevent these scenarios in the next elections.  Do not believe anyone who claims that things like these cannot be hacked. They can be hacked.  Nothing in the computer and internet age is secure in the hands of people who have the motives and the skills.
          I hope this post will not be seen as an attempt to cast doubt in our recent Philippine national elections.  I only hope people will be more informed and militant so that the authorities can put in place all possible protective systems (physical, electronic, etc.) in future electronic/automated elections.

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