Farewell, NBA: See You Next Time the Paint is Green

Celtics loses Game 7.  The Lakers deserve the win.  Boston is a great TEAM.  They win great when they play their great  team defense and team offense.  That is what team is all about.  Basketball is a team game.  I don't subscribe to the superstar-carry-the-team philosophy that's why Kobe's Lakers didn't attract me.  But game 7 is different.  We did not watch a Kobe team.  We watched a Lakers team.  Artest and Gasol were the heroes of Lakers.  Without either their points or rebounds the lead would have stayed with the Celtics.  But Kobe deserves credit for stepping up too, not in scoring but in rebounds.

Bill Simmons at NBA.com says it all: Lakers: 52 rebs, 23 offensive. Celts: 39 rebs: 7 off. I think Kendrick Perkins was a little more valuable in this series than we realized.

I started following the NBA in the mid-80s during the Larry Bird - Magic Johnson era.  When the era ended, so did the NBA fan in me.  Not even the Jordan era could completely pull me back.  I am green.

It was a long, long wait.  More than twenty years.  Boston came back for the first time in the finals of the 2008 series.  They took the title against Kobe's Lakers and I was hooked again.

The 2010 finals took me to a daily trip to NBA.com.  Now that it's over, the NBA fan in me may start to hibernate again.  I hope the hibernation doesn't last longer than one season.

Farewell NBA.  See you next time the paint is green.


  1. "Next time the paint is green..." :-) Yes, it was a great series. It wasnt beautiful the first 3 quarters of Game 7, but the last 6/7 minutes of the 4th quarter was one of the best games this season. I personally look forward to another rematch.

  2. yup, it was a sloppy 1st to 3rd quarter. no one thinks a rematch is in the making. The current Boston line-up was a "three year thing". Time's up for them. So a re-match next year is unlikely, though it's still nice to dream. :-)

    it was great "cheering" with (or against) you, though. :-) pero ikaw, you have big chances of seeing the finals again. ganda ng line-up ng Lakers ngayon, basta nagko-contribute ang more than 2 players.


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