Why Cats Have 9 Lives

          Warning, don't read if you're eating.  You may like the story but not the photo.   A closer view might remind you of food you eat for breakfast. :-)

          It started with a deep puncture from another cat's bite.  The bite left a clear hole right down to the deepest layer of his skin.  It was like looking down into a mini-well with a clear round opening on top and black nothingness beneath.  The bite most probably resulted from a fight over food in some other cat's territory or against a trespasser in his territory.

          We allow Heneral Miming on our grounds because he has already marked the area as his exclusive territory.  Cats belong to that species of animals that can legally claim territory without ever presenting written torrens titles.  He keeps other male cats, rats and small snakes away.  He has the honor of being the first entry in this blog.

           I don't know how they call it in the medical or vet world but the wound spread as it ate the surrounding skin and tissue under the skin.  Dying skin that curled and hardened could be seen at the lower part of the wound.  I had to carefully cut this crisp skin because it was dangling and threatened to tear the wound further.  

          Heneral Miming is a semi-feral cat so I couldn't take him home and give him daily care or protect the wound from dirt and soil contact.  It was a little frightening since he especially liked lying on this side of his head.  It must have felt itchy.  I figured there's nothing I could do but clean the wound with hydrogen peroxide on the few occasions that I saw him so I just let nature take it's course.  Besides, this was another opportunity to tempt the "9 lives" legend into proving itself.

          That was April 2nd.  This is June 14, two months later:

          Amazing how God, through nature, takes care of "homeless" animals like Heneral Miming.  The wound looks like it has been stitched.  He may no longer look as pretty as in the older photo below after losing those hair on the side of his face.  These hair used to make his face round and imposing.  He always looked like a short hair from the cat shows, even with minor grooming.  He was easily the largest looking feral or semi-feral cat in the area due to that beautifully round face.  I hope the hairs grow back.

          Heneral Miming is an old and battle-tested feline, escaping death yet another time.  I wonder how many lives he has left.  With all the male cats and small snakes around, he may need a couple more.  I'd hate to lose another "night watch man" in our small pool of security guards. 


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