The Best Tablet of the Year -- If Apple Doesn't Get in it's Way Legally

The new Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7.  Photo from Engadget.

Assuming I had the money to spare, am I ready to move from my 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab to something bigger and newer; something that is faster and that is running Android Honeycomb rather than Gingerbread?

This post is all about the potential of ME looking for a tablet upgrade.  If you are here wondering about getting a laptop vs. a netbook vs. an Ipad or some other tablet then you may want to read the quick guide I've written here -- "Laptop, Netbook or iPad/Tablet?"

Before I acquired the 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab last February, I posted "My Next Mobile Device -- God Willing :-)"  in order to help me make a rational decision.  Now, 8 months later, my Galaxy Tab is "aging" and it might be time to look ahead and do some web shopping.

Not that I am not happy with my 7-inch Tab.  It still is working wonders and I have been maximizing it everyday -- it's always in my hand or pocket everywhere I go around work and around the house, using for the most part apps like Calendar, phone SMS and calls, YouVersion Bible, Springpad, Amazon Kindle, Camera,  Dolphin mini-web browser, Email and lots of other tools and references such as Wifi Analyzer, Guitar Tuner, and several exercise and sports apps.

The only major issue with the Galaxy Tab is battery calibration and the so so disappointing Samsung customer support emails I received about my battery inquiries.  (Wrote about that here)

It's time to consider an upgrade (though the wife definitely does not agree with me right now).  iPad 2 is beautiful but still out of the question with it's big screen that does not fit my main uses.  I admit that the larger iPad  and the other 10-inch Android screens are very tempting but as I go back to my needs I still have to cross out the iPad and the other Android Honeycomb 10 inch tablets in the market.

A few months ago Samsung released it's own 10.1-inch tablet but for reasons I have already expressed I have to say no to this beautiful iPad competitor (competition in size only, not in terms of sales).  Then Samsung released a smaller 8.9-inch version which is smaller and is also running Honeycomb.  This could well be a candidate replacement for the 7" Original galaxy Tab.  It's smaller than all the 10 inch tablets but bigger than the original Samsung tablet.

I admit that there are  few instances when I wished my 7 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab were a little bigger -- especially when scrolling through a vertically formatted website when the screen feels too narrow without pinch-zooming the screen and when looking at the calendar.   Thus, the 8.9 inch Galaxy Tab seemed the next device to pray and save up for.

Then  Samsung comes along this September  with the 7.7 inch upgrade to the original 7-inch Galaxy Tab.  The "0.7" increase doesn't seem much but initial video reviews seem to confirm to me that this indeed IS the ONE!   It could well be new tablet that will continue to suit the mobile needs of someone like me.

The original 7" Samsung Galaxy Tab and it's new incarnation, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7.  Check comparison video from Minipcpro
Again, The original Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" on the left and the new Galaxy Tab 7.7" on the right.  Photo from

Watch this video for a "better feel" of this new Samsung tablet

Size comparisons from review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

In addition to the reasons (mainly mobile productivity) for getting the original Samsung Galaxy Tab last February written in my previous post "My Next Mobile Device", there are at least three reasons those of you who are like me might consider the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 upgrade:

1.  Super AMOLED plus screen (currently the best tablet and phone screen technology that no other tablet has yet adopted)

2.  A slightly larger screen from the original Galaxy tab but still much more portable

3.   Still Faster on-screen input (thumb board) input than the iPad and even the 8.9" Galaxy Tab.

4.  It is the lightest and thinnest tablet so far (lighter and thinner than any tablet around, whether sporting Android, iOS, or Microsoft)

5.  It's running Android Honeycomb 3.2

6.  It continues to have the best form factor for a combined phone and tablet for those who want quick writing, recording and reading abilities

So for the kind of user that I am and for the kind of needs that I have, this has got to be the next device and this has got to be the most beautiful tablet of the year, assuming it gets released.

Apple's initial legal battles with Samsung in countries like Germany and Australia, and possibly the USA, will delay the release of this dream machine.  For the sake of the millions of non-iPad fans in the world, I hope Samsung wins the patent wars so that this 7.7 baby could see the light of day and into the hands of road warriors, mobile productivity buffs and even students, educators and anyone who can afford a combination phone and tablet computer.


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