Painting 'Home': Fruit of a Long Weekend

"Home".  In progress. Acrylic on canvas. 24" x 30"

Thank God for this four-day long weekend allowed me some time to work on this piece.

This is my home -- Ma happily squatting on her garden and Pa passing time in front of the house.  Home will always have four components -- the house, the greens, Pa and Ma.

Pa built the house and Ma chose the paint color.  She even painted some of the interior walls herself.  She may not be aware of this but the orange house just pops out of the complementary greens surrounding it.

There is no better way of enjoying painting when you know that the colors themselves can bring forth joy and excitement in a picture.  The tangerine walls felt so good to the eyes that I was already so happy when I was only on the stage of painting part of the walls and the windows.

This July post shows photos of Ma working on her garden.  How I wish I could just sit ever day and watch her tending her garden.  Pa only sits all day without engaging in any conversations but home is not home without being near him at least.

I can't wait to go home this Christmas.

The painting on its early stages about a month ago.  At this stage I already felt like the tangerine walls, the dark blue-green windows, white & light green canopies already deserved to be called a painting by itself.  I think I want to crop this image and frame this as a separate piece of work.

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