The Tree of Life

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Early tonight before Aboy takes a shower:

Nerissa:  Aboy, Di ba may dalawang trees na nasa Garden of Eden? May nabanggit ba sa Bible kung ano nangyari sa Tree of Life after nakain nina Adam and Eve ang fruit of the Tree of knowledge of good and evil?

Me:  Oo

Nerissa:  Talaga!? Saan?

Me:  Sa Revelation

Nerissa:  Talaga!?... Sandali, di ba "Book of Life" ang nabanggit sa Revelation, hindi "Tree of Life"?

Me: Saan ba galing ang book?

Nerissa:  (hesitates) sa paper

Me:  Eh saan galing ang paper?

Nerissa:  Sa tree... (starts laughing hard)

Me:  Alien!? hehe

Note to those who have not eaten from Aboy's Tree of Knowledge of Truth from Falsehood: 
The Tree of Life after the fall is mentioned in Genesis 3:20 (Adam and Eve banished from Eden and guarded by "winged ones and a flaming sword" so they can't eat from the tree of life and they will "go on living forever") and Revelation 2:27 (to him who "overcomes" God will give of the fruit of the tree of life) and Revelation 22.

Good night. :-)

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