Will These Bus Accidents Ever End?

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A two year-old boy and four other passengers died early this morning in Camarines Sur.

I've written at least two other posts about devastating bus accidents along the Bicol highway on this blog.  We keep losing precious lives because of reckless driving and mediocre regulation.

I commuted by bus from Legazpi to Manila earlier this week and need I say that I lived through another almost sleepless overnight trip in the hands of a driver who neither thought about the comfort nor the safety of his passengers.  He mindlessly risked the lives of his passengers and other vehicles at every turn.  He almost never passed up a chance to overtake another speeding bus in front of him.  In fact he only missed overtaking another bus somewhere in Atimonan because the other bus driver wasn't about to lose any contest that night.

Again, I make this appeal to the LTO, LTFRB and private bus operators, please do something about this.  The problem is simple, human error due to reckless driving and exposing the riding public to unnecessary risks.


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