How Ants Helped Find My Eyeglasses on a Bike Delivery Day

The spot where I dropped and found my eyeglasses

How do you find your eyeglasses after cycling 25 kilometers delivering newspapers?  Backtrack and look for a colony of ants high up a tree.

I realized I lost my eyeglasses while on the last stop of delivering copies of the second issue of our community newspaper, Manito's Time.

Earlier that day, exhausted from climbing the road from Barangay Hologan, we stopped for a rest and took the photo above.  I was still wearing my eyeglasses here so I must have lost the eyeglasses no earlier than this.  After searching and asking from the stores I stopped at, I had to go back and look for the spectacles somewhere on this roadside vegetation.

Fortunately my nephew, Joshua, tagged along again.  I would have wasted daylight looking farther than that spot.  Joshua is nature smart so while I was speeding past this the area he called from behind yelling "Tito, (uncle) you're going farther away."  "No" I said, remembering we took a rest immediately after the climb.  He said, "remember you pointed at a colony of ants high up a tree while we were resting this morning ?"  

Oh, yes, suddenly I remembered.  I pointed at that ant colony while we were observing 4 crows loudly circling above us.

Thank God for that colony of ants on the tree.  There were no other markers on site.  No houses and a lot of coconut trees and shrubs.  I then triumphantly found the eyeglasses camouflaged on the ground.  Huh!  What were the chances of finding those spectacles?!

Thank God for my nephew's nature smart memory I am saved from another disappointed stare from my wife, from another unplanned P3,000 expense and from eye-related headaches.

My nephew, Joshua, who has the misfortune of climbing with my heavy mountain bike.

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