Jesus Tore Down Walls

Jesus tore down walls.
He didn't reach the world
While living inside subdivisions


From urban "squatters"
CHB and cyclone fences.

Jesus tore down walls
That we, His modern followers, watched built.

He and his young followers turned the world upside down
By jumping fences and casting nets
In places without walls

John the baptizer found believers
Not within a fenced club's chlorinated pool
But along a path without walls
In a river mixture of freshness and filth.

Jesus built leaders
By tearing down walls of stone
And walls of power, education and status.

We live within walls, classrooms, airconditioned halls.
We look for leaders who are bred within these walls
Hoping to ride on their stars, achievements and financial support.

But Jesus tore down walls
Picked the common and made them leaders,
Chose a manger, shepherds, fishermen, prostitutes, zealots, tax collectors and slaves --
Then transformed them as world changers.

We choose tycoons, parliament houses, generals, professors and degreed masters --
Hoping to ride on their influence and wealth.
People who stand below this yardstick
Are relegated to someone else's ministry,
But they can  be our hirelings on minimum wage

We are happy and clean within our thousand capacity walls
While millions live in poverty
And conclude it's the will of the Almighty.
It is not our calling,
It is not our distinctive.

Some of us do think of these questions by day
But sleep on it by night, happy and content
Praising God in our warm blankets.

Jesus tore down walls.

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