Game7: It Has Come to This

Game 7.  It has come to this.

The 2016 NBA Finals.  Some said this was going to be a 4-2 Golden State championship series.  The more enthusiastic pegged it at 4-1.

I, for all my amateur knowledge of basketball, never had the guts to predict series results.  I do think, however, that the Warriors' chances of getting the crown on their homecourt is slim judging from how both teams played games 5 and 6 and how Lebron has WILLED his team to take the past 2 games in both home and away arenas.

Even if the Splash brothers Curry and Thompson churn scores a la Game 5 James and Irving, taking 41 points each, it still wouldn't be enough.

The only thing they have is home court advantage which Lebron and Irving proved surmountable in a Green-less Game 5.

There is no Bogut whose big body can block a bulldozing Lebron.  Iguodala who is nursing a lower back problem cannot offer a second line of intelligent defense.

In game 6, there wasn't enough of Green (8 pts, 10 rebs),  there wasn't enough of Iguodala (5 pts, 4 rebs), there was not enough of Livingston (3 pts.) and the rest of the team.  Barbosa was the only Warrior with double digits outside of the splash brothers.

So, judging from what I see as the given of the past two games, I think the Cavaliers will take the crown in California as they seem to have already figured things out by simply taking the lead of their Alpha with sheer will and ferocity.

A mere monster game from Curry and Thompson will not suffice.  They all the more need to get their groove and find their Strength In Numbers.  They need the team that earlier on confounded the Cavaliers defense.  It's their only option.

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