Summer Ends With Mayon, My Wife and Our Young People

I barely got the boat and fishermen in the frame with the group.  Manito, Albay

She sometimes expresses how physically tired she gets from running the computer shop and our other ventures.  Yet, here she is under the late afternoon sun leading our church's youth fellowship before summer 2016 ends.  She just can't resist the call of helping young people make the right decisions in their lives.

Provincial life has not been easy for her.  She has a chronic illness (Lupus) making it all the more understandable if she would just want to take as much rest she can get.  But this is part of who she is.  One moment she tells me she's tired and the following day I see her walking from our house to the beach with our youth.

Striking a pose while the youth are busy with an activity.  As a person with Lupus (SLE) she needs to protect herself from direct sun exposure so she uses an umbrella at all times.

The reward I get for tagging along is the joy and pride of seeing her doing what she naturally loves doing, with the majestic Mayon volcano across the gulf.  

Thank God for light afternoons like this.  Thank God for Nerissa.   I can end the day at rest, believing there's a beautiful tomorrow.

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