Soldier of Truth: Gen. Benjie Magalong's Impressive Career & Senate Testimony

Article in the May-June 2015 issue of Asian Dragon Magazine by Rafael A.S.G. Ongpin .

Did you watch General Benjie Magalong's testimony in the Senate on drugs and the Bilibid?  You may want to read more about his courageous and patriotic career since graduating from the PMA until his bold report on the Mamasapano massacre.

Please watch his testimony in case you missed it.  Don't take my word for it.  Notice the calm, humble and sincere demeanor of this highly decorated officer.

His testimony does not pin down nor directly link De Lima.   At the very least it might be an indication of how clueless De Lima was, which partly brings her to where she is now.  Watch the video of the testimony below.

Highlights of his testimony:  

1.  Personal talks with then Secretary of Justice Leila De Lima.  The testimony gives details on the workings/ authority of the Secretary of Justice over the NBP, PNP and the PDEA.

2.  Action on their recommendations for the raid was long delayed.

3.  The frustration of being excluded from the raid of the Bilibid even though it was them and the PDEA who planned and urged De Lima to perform the raid.  To his surprise, the raid was conducted by one of the "Narco Generals".   One general even asked him not to raid Bilibid if possible, otherwise the general might die, "mamamatay ako".

May our Academies continue to raise officers like him.  May our people find the bottom of the truth in this drug menace.  And may God protect men and women like General Magalong.

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