Why Cayetano's VP Loss Turns Out Well for Duterte: The Matobato & Trillanes Example

In the post "Who Should You Take With Your Presidential Pick?"  I mentioned that I have no major issues as to who is the best Vice-Presidential candidate of 2016.

I also mentioned why I thought Duterte supporters should pick Cayetano.  I felt sorry for him when he lost the race, falling behind Cong. Leni and Sen. Marcos.

Now, however, especially after yesterday's Senate hearing with Matobato as witness and after Senator Trillanes' attacks and switching off of Cayetano's microphone, I think Cayetano's loss may have been God-ordained if the Duterte presidency is also God-ordained or at least God-allowed.  

There are other Senators who have shown support for the President like Sen. Gordon and Lacson but Cayetano's fire and consistency augurs well for Duterte in the Senate.

After watching videos and reading news from Rappler, Inquirer, the Phil. Star and News5 I gather that this new Senate witness Edgar Matobato is intended to lead the public against the war on drugs and towards an upheaval against the Duterte presidency.

Rappler's chance interview with  Cayetano

My wife asked earlier tonight whether I think his allegations were true.  As usual, I said I don't know.  Let's wait and see how this unfolds.

It's worth noting though, that there seems to be a lot of question marks in his testimony.  They were raised by Sen. Lacson who showed inconsistencies in the narration (where broadcaster Jun pala was killed and the existence of a Salim Makdul), Army Spokesman Col. Benjamin Hao denying a Matobato registered as a CAFGU/Scout Ranger, longtime Duterte foe Nograles denying any of their staff/ body guards were killed by anyone, and that Trillanes "hindi kita papapormahin" stance against Cayetano.

Poor Leni will have to take the heat again as the highest elected LP leader.  Poor ordinary Filipinos who could only helplessly watch if not for the privilege of the internet and social media.  Poor Matobato if he's just being used.

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