Motivation: Just a Little Change

          Finding it hard to continue or restart a personal project?  An exercise regimen?  Feeling like you just hit a wall and now are struggling to continue or you can't find a compelling reason resume a broken project?

          If you're like me and you don't like routine and you love new things, then here's one practical solution.  Make a minor change.  Find an upgrade.

My pristine orange bar tape.  Cheap, but very effective.

          In my case, the school year has slowly eaten up my motivation to go out and ride the bike.

          I need a number of badly needed upgrades -- breaks, sprockets, hubs, shifters, rims -- but they're all beyond budget.   The simplest and cheapest upgrade is to change my handlebar tape.  From black it is now orange.  For as low as P100.00 to P250.00 I now feel something new in my bike and I'm excited once again to ride the roads of Manito, Albay.

          I wonder what bar tape color I'll be having in two months? :-)

          How about you?  What minor change can you do to help kick start your long delayed goal?

Just a little change:  beauty and the beast

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