Summer Spontaneity: The Colors of Summer

Barangay Balabagon and the Manito-Sorsogon mountain from Muladbucad Beach, Hologan, Manito, Albay

          It's summer alright and I'm enjoying relatively more relaxed days.  So this is my response to #Hot #Beach #Peaceful an #Meditation -- spontaneous time at the beach and tapping spontaneous strokes with a stylus on an 8 inch screen.  Quite far from the sweeping strokes of a brush on a large canvas, but this will do for now.

          Years ago my wife encouraged me to make more "marketable" pictures like flowers and people rather than just painting personal versions and ideas of landscapes.  She's right.  I believe it can help us more financially and I can continue to finance the hobby.  I always thought I'd do that after expressing all my personal landscapes.

          Will I ever get to that point at this pace?  Don't know.  But until then I default to one of my favorite artists,  the French artist, Paul Cezanne, and what he wrote to Philippe Solari in 1896 about why he most persistently loved painting his native Aix En Provence landscapes.  He said "When you've been born there, that's it; nothing else will do." (More about that in THIS post:  Philex Mines from High School:  An Eternal Flame)

         Until then and at this juncture I just relish blue, green and yellow -- the reviving colors of summer.

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