Isang Kundiman

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          Yesterday, my wife and I invited young missionaries for afternoon snacks.  The ice breaker card I picked read:

          "Thoughts that you would share to help change our country's situation."  

          I don't remember everything I said.  I wandered.  I had no clear answer.  The card asked for "thoughts".  It did not ask for definite plans and arguments anyway.

          We cannot divest love for country from love for God.  I have always believed that God, in His Sovereign power and wisdom could have made me a citizen of another country but He picked the Philippines for me.  We cannot love God without loving our neighbors, hence, the country.  Neither can I love country without loving God.

          As Filipinos we  can't choose to be Yellow, or Red, or Blue or White.  We need all the colors since we share one heritage, one patrimony, one future.

          I stumbled upon this powerful song tonight.  My wife and I love it.  She says she would probably be crying right now if she's an OFW .

          Para sa mga kababayan, batchmates, kamag-anak, at mga kaibigan:  Kayo ba'y nasasabik makarining ng Isang Kundiman?

Isang Kundiman
titik at musika ni Gerry de Leon
dedicated to all Filipinos living outside the Philippines

Nais kong makarinig ng awiting nagbuhat
Sa bayang aking sinilangan
Malungkot ang manirahan sa bansang ika'y dayuhan
Ako'y nasasabik makarinig ng isang kundiman

Kung kapiling ka'y maiibsan ang kalungkutan
Ngunit dagat ang sa ati'y nakapagitan
May panglaw kislap ng bituin
May hapdi dampi ng hangin
Ako'y nasasabik makarinig ng isang kundiman

Bakit noo'y di ko pansin ang himig ng pag-ibig mo
Ngayo'y sabik ang puso ko sa tinig at awitin mo
Kailangan bang matikman ko
Ang malayo sa piling mo?
Upang hanapin ka at mahalin
...O bayan ko?

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