"Imbecile Post": Commissioner Faeldon Backs His Chief of Staff

Way to go, Commissioner Faeldon for standing up for your Chief of Staff. She is entitled to her opinion just as the Congressmen are entitled to theirs. We cannot allow Congress to simply brandish their power of the purse to demand the submission of public servants who are doing their jobs the way they should.

The issue apparently springs from a Congressman's desire for the BOC to promote someone the former recommended. This is a problem that has long ailed our country -- hiring and promoting incompetent and unqualified personnel merely out of a Congressman or any other politician's "recommendation".

          “The BOC is now observing a more stringent process of promotion and we will adhere to it. This is no longer the time to promote employees based on recommendations alone. Promotion must be based on qualifications and performance.

          Read the Commissioner's full statement in one of the comments from the BOC Facebook post.

          “I would like to make it clear that the views and opinions expressed by Atty. Anderson on her Facebook account are solely hers and does not represent the views of the Bureau of Customs. The BOC does not have any inclination towards any of the politicians but we only follow the directive of President Rodrigo Duterte – that is to have an honest, clean and corrupt-free Bureau of Customs."

          “I will let Atty. Mandy Anderson remain in the Bureau as we need more people like her whose character is untainted with politics and corruption. Also, her personal opinion does not reflect or affect her efficacy in public service. We will remain firm in our resolve to provide good public service. 

          So you see, this is not a simple case of a Bureau Chief of Staff calling the Speaker of the House an "imbecile."   If you have been following the news for the past moments, it will not escape your notice that the Bureau of Customs, believed historically to be one of the most corrupt agencies of the government, has been making great inroads in the fight against corruption, smuggling and illegal drugs to the tune of billions of pesos

          Expect more pressure on President Duterte against his men and women in the Bureau.  May he not succumb to the wiles of people with vested interests. 

          Let us support and pray for the men and women at the helm of this remarkable endeavor.  May the evil intents of people foiled, whether they be the President's allies or not.  


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