Tax Reform Program Explained

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          For those  who want to know a little more about the present government's Tax Reform Package, watch this video of DOF Undersecretary Karl Chua.  The attempt at a comprehensive reform package which includes VAT thresholds, dealing with the leakages, strengthening accountability in the BIR and the BOC, and lowering/eliminating income taxes of the bottom poor makes a lot of sense to someone like me who is taxed as a small business and compensation income earner.

          As I see it, it aims to give back disposable income to those of us who are not "rich" in order to truly give effect to the Constitution's mandate for government to evolve a progressive income taxation.

          Maybe it's just me but I feel good watching a young bright Undersecretary who seems to understand both the workings of macroeconomics and the ordinary lives of ordinary Filipinos.

          This is our country and our future.  May we all support that which we can all support together as a people.

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