The advantage of container gardening during typhoons

She can now move her veggies back to their more exposed location a day after typhoon Ambo

This is one advantage of container gardening versus planting directly on ground or even on a raised bed. 

You can move your veggies and protect them from strong typhoon winds and rains so you have the advantage of a greenhouse without its accompanying cost.  We appreciate this all the more since these are my wife, Nerissa's COVID-19 quarantine babies.  It's also her first time to grow vegetables completely by herself -- from sowing, watering, and protecting them from pests.  I only helped transplant those that were too crowded in some bags.

She finds so much delight and pride in them that today I heard the unthinkable, she loves watching them so much that she doesn't want to eat them anymore!  :-)  Can you believe that!? And she's been a semi-vegetarian since being diagnosed with Lupus 20 years ago.  

With her Pechay and Mustard vegetables at their temporary area.


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