On ECQ Violations of Public Officers: Can different colors fight together?

This is what should be done.

So many of us were angered at the photos -- no social distancing, celebrating in public when others can't (mass gathering), violating the liquor ban. Denying it happened the way the photos showed and justifying the violation further amped up people's frustration.

If we are leaders and we want people to follow us, we must set the example at all times. We need to show them that the law applies to everyone. It does not apply only to ordinary or powerless citizens.

If we are leaders and we want people to respect our profession, we should not simply ask our social media personnel to delete our photos because the problem is not the posting of the photos but the act itself. In this case, the social gathering.

If we are leaders and we want people to obey the laws, we should not simply make excuses even if it is a tradition within our sub-culture. Remember, people were not able to attend the funeral of their loved ones, weddings were cancelled, and thousands were not able to attend the age-old tradition of graduation ceremonies which they have literally waited for all their lives. Mañanita is not an excuse. In fact, a lot of the reasons why our country is in this state is because of wrong traditions.

Let us not forget that the Palace statement on filing criminal charges might not have been made without the people's clamor through the media (mainstream and social media). This is why our democracy needs the press. This is why we need professional journalists who have the time and the expertise to expose what we cannot cover for lack of time or lack of training.

Finally, let me also encourage all of us not to automatically blame an incumbent president on issues like this.


Uniformed officers like Gen. Sinas have served through 6 or 7 presidents. They were already senior officers under the PGMA and PNoy presidencies. Public officers did not suddenly become evil or think of unethical acts in 2016. They acquired habits and acts (good or bad) as they rose from the ranks. They do not suddenly become corrupt, they do not suddenly lose delicadeza. They have been doing these but they were swept under the rag because they knew how to play the system. Also, the young officers in the photos have already served one or two presidents and they will be serving lots more.

So when we choose to automatically blame the president, we lose allies whom we could have fought side-by-side with. We end up with a divided voice against a common enemy (not necessarily a person). The country ends up thinking only half or a fraction is indignant and we are the only ones fighting for what is right but end up defeated. How many issues have we failed to win because we automatically chose to blame potential allies who did not vote the same way we did in 2016?

Sorry for this long post again.  Now let me get back to preparing our house for typhoon Ambo.

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