Defending Philippine Sovereign Rights in the West Philippine Sea

Here's a complete video of "Defending Philippine Sovereign Rights in the West Philippine Sea" by Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonio T. Carpio (ret).

Learn about the historical and International law arguments and evidence on the Philippine claims over the Chinese claims.  He talks about historical maps -- both from the Philippine and Chinese sides, the Hague ruling, and how other Sovereign states are enforcing the ruling.  (Incidentally, headline from GMA News today is that the US is conducting Naval Carrier exercises in the area as the Chinese Navy only watches.)   This is something that not only lawyers and history teachers should know.

Other details such as when and who first occupied the Paracels, Scarborough Shoal, and the Spratlys, the development of the 9 Dash line, illustrations of Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZs), the high seas, the continental shelf, and lots more.

If you want a definitive and reliable lecture with illustrations, then here it is.  Thanks to Justice Carpio and to Access Online for making the entire lecture available to the public.

 Defending Philippine Sovereign Rights in the West Philippine Sea

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