Yes! Duterte Invokes 2016 UN Ruling

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President Duterte's surprise invocation of the 2016 UN Arbitration Ruling favoring the Philippines is what we all (or maybe most of us) have been waiting for!

In 2016, I was afraid that the US' non-committal would leave us powerless to enforce our UNCLOS victory.  Thus, Duterte made a pivot to China, hoping to chart a new foreign policy that would be best and pragmatic for our country.  This resulted to a seeming deference to all things China.  

In light of the recent stronger stance of the US against China on the South China Sea/ West Philippine Sea, it would thus be most logical for us to ride with it.  As the recent actions of China has shown, it will not recognize peaceful negotiations by militarilly weak neighbors.  

As much as I love peace and diplomacy, the South China Sea issue will only be settled by force, or a threat of force, as far as China is concerned.  That is why Duterte has been saying he will not sacrifice our inferior Armed Forces (in terms of manpower and hardware).  

Now is the perfect and only time since the US must stop China while the former still has superior Naval and Air power.  History has shown us that (as much as we do not agree with it) "might makes right".

China will not relinquish its ridiculous Nine-Dash Line.  I am a person who believes in peace.  Unforturnately, states, kingdoms, and empires throughout world history, only understand one language -- and it's a language that is not articulated by the mouth.  And when that eventuality arrives, the Philippines cannot afford to be on the wrong side of the fence.


Also, if we want a united stance against China, we should not unnecessarily irk Malaysia on the Sabah issue.


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