Module 2: Ang Pangaea at si Mama


While grinding through my nephew's AP module on the Continental Drift Theory:

Me:  ...kaya nung unang panahon daw ang daigdig ay may iisang supercontinent lamang -- ang Pangaea -- bago naghiwa-hiwalay sa kasalukuyang mga kontinente...

Nephew:  Tito, naabutan na ba ni Mama (grandma) ang Pangaea?

Me:   Tanungin mo siya mamaya. (sinister smile and winks at Nerissa)

Nephew:  (Smiles.  Embarrassed and nervous)   :-)

This is why I always taught time lines first before I delved into Philippine or Literary history.  

Happy 81st Birthday, Ma!  

This typhoon Quinta is nothing compared to you enduring the movement of the Earth's tectonic plates.  I'm confident you'll still be with us until the next ice age. :-)  

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