Presidential Aspirant Ping Lacson on the Senate Pork Barrel

Screengrab from the Christian Values Movement's (CVM) Facebook page.


As students of political science, we are aware that patronage politics is one of the biggest problems of our country, and the pork barrel is one of its biggest tools. Politicians use it to make Filipinos think may utang na loob sila (debt of gratitude) sa magbibigay sa kanila ng scholarship, basketball court, kalsada, relocation site ng bahay, etc.

Instead of fighting against the temptation, local governments might even be adopting it with their own version of councilor's allocations.

Ping is not a front-runner because aside from not relying on charisma, he didn't use his pork barrel allotment which could have made him more popular. People of integrity must do the right thing, even if it would make them lose an election.

Legislators are to enact laws, not perform the job of the executive. Giving them pork only increases avenues for corruption.

Not only is patronage politics vile in its intent to keep a politician in power, it is also an affront to the dignity of a human being. Gagamitin ang pangangailangan ng mahihirap para patuloy silang iluklok sa pwesto.

Sabi nga ni Vico. Wala kayong tatanawing utang na loob sa pulitiko. Trabaho nila ang magsilbi sa taong bayan.

Wag kayong maniniwala sa mga incumbent na may mga linyadang "If not for me hindi magagawa ang ______." If not them, eh di sino? Kaya nga sila nilagay sa pwesto para gawin yun.
Whoever we vote for must stand up against patronage politics.

Sa mga magtatanong kung iboboto ko ba si Ping. Maybe yes, maybe not. But we should listen to what other candidates are saying or at least study them. Pushing for a single candidate while completely brushing aside others may be an indication of fanaticism, whether we admit it or not. May debates at interviews para makilala ang mga tumatakbo at pag-isipan at ipanalangin ang pagboboto.

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