The finish to UP-Ateneo Game 3 | UAAP Season 84 Men's Basketball

The Finish from One Sports.

Ang sarap matulog at gumising. :-)

Finally, after 36 long years, UP bags the championship.   Nerissa asked me to post this so it will form part of our memories.  She never memorized "UP Naming Mahal"  because it was never played in her years of watching the UAAP.  I heard the broadcast didn't play the whole song also, so her friends played it by themselves.  Sariling sikap.

36 long years!  One whole generation.  The last trophy was in 1986 when Marcos Sr. was deposed. Then followed the 0-14 seasons that gave birth to the bonfire jokes.   Now its 2022 and Marcos Jr. is president-elect.  UP really seams fated with the Marcoses and becomes more alive when history beckons.

Thank you also, Ateneo, for making this game so memorable.   Kami naman muna, kahit na hindi kayo nakakasawang panoorin.   You made the Maroons really fight for every possession and scraped every single second.  Two overtimes in a best of three series that went down the wire.

Never say die. Wag na mag-walk out sa classes, pero pwede mag-bonfire.  Tuloy ang laban para sa bayan. 

Special mention din pala sa La Salle.  Thank you for Cagulangan.  “Mas ginusto ko talaga pumuntang La Salle kaysa ibang school, pero ganun pala ang mangyayari. Hindi man lang ako nagkaroon ng chance i-prove yung sinasabi na dapat nga, sa La Salle ako,” [Tiebreakertimes]

And to UST.  Thank you for Cansino. Bigyan lang ako ng isang rason para hindi lumipat, maglalaro pa rin ako sa UST. Kaya lang, tinanggal ako eh. Hindi mo naman pwede ipagpilitan yung sarili mo. May pangarap rin naman ako para sa sarili ko. Kaya sobrang lungkot lang na kailangan kong umalis sa UST kahit hindi ko gusto,” he said [via CNN].

So friends, don't ever forget that sometimes when people reject you, they may be unintentionally setting you up for something better.

UAAP Season 84

GRicci Rivero6'1
GCJ Cansino6'2
FJames Spencer6'5
CJboy Gob6'6
GGerry Abadiano6'0
CCarl Tamayo6'7
CMalick Diouf6'11
FBismarck Lina6'5
FAnton Eusebio6'5
GRC Calimag6'2
GTerrence Fortea6'1
FCJ Catapusan6'3
FAJ Madrigal6'3
FZavier Lucero6'7
CHenry Galinato6'6
GAlonzo Tan5'7
GJoel Cagulangan5'9
FNoah Webb6'3
GHarold Alarcon6'1
GBrix Ramos6'2

Head Coach: Goldwyn Monteverde.  [Ligang Pinoy blogspost]

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