Acrylic of Manito Pier & Mayon Volcano (Yellow House #s 10-13)

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After Yellow House entries 1-9 I went home to Bicol for the summer of 2001 and brought my first ever set of acrylic paint.  During that summer vacation I was able to work on 1 acrylic canvas and 2 small oils on canvas.  The 4 entries below relate to the acrylic on canvas of the Manito pier and Mayon volcano.

May 13, 2001
11:35 AM
Manito, Albay

I'm still here at the pier.  started an acrylic on canvas.  Going to continue tomorrow.  Still need to figure out the right colors.  I started well but the greens of trees and plants are not that good.  Why can't I just paint with yellow and blue?

Might continue with the Monet oil that I started last night.
The Monet copy I made, referred to in the entry above.  Shot in low light.  

May 15, 2001
11:30 AM
Manito, Albay

Here at the pier.  Continued with the painting.  FRUSTRATING.  Can't get my colors right.

Manito Pier with Bamboo Bridge and Mayon Volcano.  The subject of these four Yellow House entries.

May 23, 2001

Here at the pier again.  Don't know the time.  Manoy Allen went to Legazpi and borrowed my watch.  Asked him to buy titanium white oil paint.

Though I have very poor paint materials I'm still working, hoping that I would produce excellent works when I finally am able to buy quality materials.

I think it's almost twelve noon, judging from the sun.  I continued with my work.  I just made some adjustments to make it more coherent.  It feels awkward.  I removed the mangrove on the right side of the pier so I could add more violet.  The goal is to make the foreground harmonize with the violet of Mayon volcano, without darkening the surface too much.  Also added mangrove with thick dashes of pthalo green, lemon yellow and white on the foreground (lower right).  It's just right.  It lessened the water's area without being obtrusive.  The mangrove is there.  You know it's there but it does not obstruct your view.

I feel more comfortable now because I brought an umbrella.  I stopped painting a while a ago and I just rested.  I was still thinking whether I would add people or not. Eliminating them makes the picture look timeless, just like Cezanne's landscapes.  However, there was this man who was carrying two loads of water slung on his back through a bamboo pole.  The rope and the pole looked yellow.  I immediately sketched him on with white, then I used violet for the pole and the rope instead of yellow.  Now he should look firmly rooted on the ground, supported by the violet pier, carrying his violet burden, as the violet Mayon looks on, unmoved but not totally indifferent.

May 24, 2001
12:30 PM, Thursday
Manito, Albay

I'm here at the pier again with my nephew, Watoy.  Continued with the work from past 10:00 to 12:10.  Added two boats and one sitting figure in the hut.  The hut is a toll house for the use the bamboo bridge.

We already left the spot where I paint.  We're here at the concrete shed at the end of the pier.  The wind feels great.  It's still low tide.  I really wish I had a camera and a wide angle lens.  The mangrove, the sea and the gulf looks so far and so horizontal.  That could not be on the spot for a mere week.  That would take delicate and deliberate strokes.  Copying from a picture would feel and look artificial but I can at least spend more time for deliberation.

I wish I could stay here in Manito longer so I could practice more; but even if I stayed here, I still do not have materials.  I hope I could buy naples yellow in Manila.  My greens are also deficient.  I hope I could have more greens other than viridian and emerald.  Manet's greens and green greys are so cool.  He used these on clothes and furniture.  If only I have such colors then maybe I could transfer my country's colors onto my canvas.

It's not hot today because of clouds and I am fascinated with the people crossing the bridge.

The Bamboo Bridge across the river that meets the sea during high tide from my post in an older blog years ago

The Bamboo Bridge gets destroyed when typhoons bombard the Bicol region

We pay a small boat with small outriggers to cross the river whenever the Bamboo Bridge is destroyed.  This photo has a story of its own and shall be featured in another blog entry.   

What is my Yellow House?  Read here.

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