Callao Cave & Pinacanauan River, Cagayan - Part 3 (Resort)

In Part 1 and Part 2 of this post I wrote and published photos of Callao cave and Pinacanauan river in Penablanca, Cagayan, Philippines noting that these can best be enjoyed if one stays in the area for at least 2 days.  Sadly, however, there is only one resort on a hill above the river across Callao cave.  It is set on a beautiful location overlooking the mountain and river but the facilities are dilapidated.  The two Marcos-era looking buildings and the existing furniture informs one that the place has seen better days. 

I hope Tourism and provincial authorities would do something about the damp rooms and unrepaired facilities.  They are not short of staff who keep the place, especially the grounds, clean but they definitely need to provide better toilets, wall, ceiling, and roof repairs, in addition to other improvements.    The youth camp I attended was held in this resort and the delegates didn't complain because the condition of the facilities made camp affordable for our young delegates but if the government seriously wants to promote tourism and complete enjoyment of visitors then they need to do something about this resort.  

The "VIP" cottage must have been a luxurious cottage during its heyday judging from the size of the bedrooms, the CR, the living room and the heavy furniture

The dining area of the two-storey dormitory type house appears to double as a  maintenance stock room

Open and unpainted walls and ceilings at the dormitory building's lobby

The two-storey dormitory building where our youth delegates were housed

Beetles found by kids in the area.  I grew up playing with the same rhino and other  kinds of beetles in Benguet province

A camp small group session at the terrace of what appears to be an old VIP cottage overlooking the river

Conference session at night with temporary roofing supported by makeshift posts over half of the session hall

Youth camp delegates playing under the roof-less hall

The visitors' center by the river bank has such a foul smell from human or animal waste at the structure's base

Our youth campers and organizers didn't mind the facilities because they had wonderful and teachable servant hearts.  But if authorities want to promote Callao cave and the Pinacanauan river (and surely they should!) then they must do something about these facilities.  I'm sure their initial investments will bear fruit especially if they think of other sustainable attractions that can maximize a tourist's visit.


  1. thanks kuya sa blogs and posts will really help me a lot in my report..i'd like my classmates to discover a yet to be famous attraction..because i am a tourism student i would want to explore another place rather than those already known.

  2. you're welcome, Guilcin.

    it's good to know a tourism student like you can find use for this post. i hope your report will indeed encourage your classmates to explore other lesser known places in the country.


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