An Afternoon of Viewing and Planking at the National Museum

The Philippine National Museum
I spent an awesome  afternoon yesterday at the National Museum and at Fort Santiago with my wife and two friends.  My brother introduced me to the National Museum when I took the college entrance exam in 1992.  Today was only the third time that I visited the museum.  My wife and I arrived early so I was able to spend a lot of time in the Hall of the Masters while waiting for our friends.

In the hall of the National Artists

Planting of the Cross by Carlos "Botong"  Francisco.  My father didn't finish college but he took pride in the fact that he  was once a student of Botong Francisco and that he was one of the assistants in one of Francisco's murals.  

I consider this my own derivative work of Juan Luna's Spoliarium.  Let's call it "Pulling Back the Legs of Progress".  Luna's gold medal victory with this painting in Spain gave Rizal an opportunity to declare it (along with Hidalgo's silver medal) as proofs that we are equals with the Spanish in intellect and talents.  That was more than a hundred years ago.  What is keeping us from being a truly progressive nation?  What has been pulling as back despite a century filled with heroes and great men and women?  You will find so many prints of this painting in the internet but you HAVE to see the original!  

Gazing at Juan Luna's "Spoliarium".  I can stare at this painting for a whole day
Detail of the dead gladiator in the Spoliarium 

Hidalgo's "The Assassination of Governor Bustamante and His Son".  It is an interesting portrayal of the interesting story of an assassination perpetrated by religious leaders in Manila.  Governor Bustamante tried to clean the government of corruption but the powerful  religious leaders who were corrupt themselves or encouraged/condoned corruption led the assassination

Planking.  Planking is starting to be a craze among young people these days.  It may seem absurd or even stupid at first but it's actually fun, and artistic.  Planking in front of 4 Botong Francisco paintings. 

Mga kababayan, make it a point to visit the National Museum when you're in Manila.  You can spend a whole day at the two museum buildings then take a short taxi or jeep ride to Intramuros and Fort Santiago. Before the day ends you can drop by Luneta park then go straight to the Ocean Park before the sun sets at Manila bay.  I just wish someone revives Gordon's Wow Philippines, or something like it, in Intramuros.

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