Callao Cave & Pinacanauan River, Cagayan -- Part 2 (Pinacanauan River)

I have posted photos and wrote about Callao cave in Part 1 of this blog entry.   Now I post photos of the Pinacanauan river in original resolutions so that you can fully enjoy how God beautifully created this place.  Pinacanauan river turned out to be the greatest surprise in my stay at Penablanca, Cagayan.  I just fell in love with this wide and tranquil river.  Callao cave was enough treat for me during the youth camp but  I didn't know that Callao cave was skirted by this beautiful river.  In some of the photos one would even think that this is not a river but a sea with some islands.  As the rented boat skimmed through the river I just felt like I was in the midst of a totally different place.  In some parts the water is so clear, in some parts it is emerald green and in some parts it is blue-green.  Rocks and mountain features are perfectly reflected in the clean water.

If tourism authorities would want to attract more visitors by giving them more things to do then they can  encourage rentals of canoes or small boats where one could just paddle leisurely along the river.  On the other hand, a zip line across the river or rock climbing in the cliffs would be enough attraction to the more action oriented visitor.

My friend enjoying a photographic afternoon

The Visitors' Center along the river bank

A stitched panorama of the river bank taken from the Visitors' Center

I think this is the river at its widest

I can't believe this is the side of a river and not one of the islands in Palawan

The cave opening on a high cliff where thousands of bats fly out before night sets in.   The wooden structure jutting out of the cave is a remnant of guano harvesting practices of the locals.  Did I mention that Cagayan has at least 300 caves and cave networks? ;-) 

                            The same bat cave posted above

The huge boulders and their reflections on the still water gives the place an other-worldly feeling that I just adore.

The turning point for boats  

How could we resist the call of the clear, cool water? :-)  It was actually too cold for my taste since the sun was already hiding by this time.

Pinacanauan river is an awesome complement to the Callao cave and opens up more reasons for a traveller to stay for at least two days in Penablanca, Cagayan.  Part 3 of the blog post details some issues and photos that I believe should be addressed by local authorities if they want to open up this area to more visitors from different backgrounds and with different interests.

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