Counting in 2s: Breakfast with Computer Shop Student Assistants

With Nerissa (my wife), Nerissa (yes, another Nerissa!), Janet, Marlon, Reymar, Alwin, Axl, and Mylene

          A breakfast of twos:
  • 2 are leaving to look for jobs while waiting for the result of their LET  (Teachers' board) exam
  • 2 will focus next semester in their assigned schools for practice teaching
  • 2 are welcomed as our newest assistants.  They are our youngest, so far.  Both senior high students
  • 2nd year -- our newest assistant from the community college is an upcoming 2nd year BSEd student. 

           As we bid farewell to Janet and Neri Dairo Elleta, we hope they bring with them the work ethic, computer and people skills they learned and become successful, productive, and God-fearing contributors to our society.

They've been such a big help for me and Nerissa the past 3 years. We are privileged to have been a part of this stage in their lives.

          Sa inyo namang mga kasama pa namin dito sa shop, ano pa tinitingnan niyo diyan?  Trabaho na! :-)

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