Yes, I'm a Miner's Child.

          Yes, one way or another, all of us who grew up in the mines, regardless of our parents' jobs or designation, are a "Miner's Child".

           I support inter-generational responsibility.  I even hoped for a Gina Lopez confirmation.   But life is just not as simple as we think or imagine it to be.    We are also who we are because of where we came from.   People like me love nature, but we are also children of the mines.  We share common experiences of growing up safe and content in the mountains of the Cordilleras.

           Listen to this beautiful song from LifeBreakthrough music, written by Hubert Dapliyan that captures the song of our hearts.  You may read more about him and listen to more of his songs HERE.   Cordillerans simply have that beautiful country music voice by birth.

 "I was raised with a simple life and we're taught to be polite"  

-- Yes, in the mines we were taught to respect others and called every adult  "uncle" and "auntie" or "Ma'am" and "Sir".

We go to church on Sundays, sing choir, sing Hallelujah
We read the gospel, we say the grace
And we worship with mountain praise...

Thank you batchmate and ka-minas, Elvin Bonificio, for sharing this video.

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