Photographs and Memories

Kobe Bryant's tragic death on a chopper last week reminded me of the death of 2 great musicians who also died in an airplane crash -- Jim Croce and his guitarist friend Maury Muehleisen. A person like me couldn't possibly grow up in the Philippines' Baguio-Benguet area without loving, or at least listening, to American country and folk music. I hope people who suddenly leave us don't become mere photographs and memories... This is the best quick early morning version I could come up with. The roosters in the background are crowing "Would you please hurry up and quit singing? Feed us! Feed us!"' The birds chirping seem to be cheering them on. Your Likes and Subscribes are much appreciated! ---------------------------- Here's a link to my blog post on Kobe Bryant and basketball shoes 9 years ago: Agreeing with Kobe on Low-Cut Basketball Shoes

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