2 Eggs and a Girl on the 2nd Day of Luzon-wide Enhanced Community Quarantine

Yesterday was the second day of the Luzon-wide Enhanced Community Quarantine.  Early in the morning, I woke up to the voices of my wife and a grade 7 girl who does her homework at our computer shop and sells a variety of food gathered from the fields like gabi and kangkong leaves.

She was selling small crabs to my wife this morning.  As a semi-vegan, my wife does not eat crustaceans, so the girl left.

I jumped out of bed realizing that children and other adults aren't supposed to be outside their homes.  But what will this child eat since there hasn't been any food distribution from the government yet?

As the girl walked beyond our house I told my wife to give the girl two eggs from our chickens so the girl won't leave empty-handed.

Less than an hour later, my wife arrives home from the market telling me that she saw the girl already finished doing her marketing.  She was able to buy oil and food for the day.

For us in the provinces "work-from-home" is nearly impossible.  "Starve-from-home" might be more accurate.

The girl came back later in the morning, selling kamoteng-kahoy leaves.  They sell anything they can gather in the fields during the pre-COVID-19 days.  They still do so until now.  Buying items from her might encourage her to keep roaming our rural streets but what are their options?  Keep lecturing them about home quarantine and let them eat grass?

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