Mamma Mia - ABBA Cover by Josh Turner and Carson McKee (The Other Favorites)

Let's have a short break from all the sad news from the Corona 2019 virus.

Our PLDT connection has been down for almost three weeks now so we don't have Netflix.  We're limited to Facebook and Youtube.

Like and subscribe to Josh Turner Guitar's channel and watch pure music and talent.  No smoke machines, no cranes, no fancy stage lights.  Just don't be deceived by his young Harry Potter looks.  He's got at least 70 years worth of music in that body.  His voice and skills on the acoustic guitar, electric guitar, banjo, etc. will amaze you and sometimes make you almost forget about the original versions of the songs from different genres that they cover.

You may start with this Mamma Mia cover (ABBA) that my wife, Nerissa and I totally enjoy!

He also performs with Carson McKee and they call themselves The Other Favorites.  Josh Turner's collabs with others like Reina Del Cid and Toni Lindgren, Allison Young, etc. will give you hours worth of Youtube music to watch and enjoy.

Search for their bluegrass influenced Backstreet Boys cover, or show your parents "Crazy" and ask them if they think this is legit talent.

They also have original works like "The Levee" that should convince you of their unbelievable talent.

"Don't Let Me Down" (Beatles) cover

"Crazy" (Patsy Cline) with Allison Young

"The Levee" (Original)

And lots, lots more!


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